Clinical Pathways to Improve Women’s Health Management and Outcomes

Published By: Grand Rounds In Urology
Shirley H. Lee, CRNP-FNP, MPH, discusses developing clinical pathways to improve management and outcomes in women’s health, defining clinical pathways as the translation of complicated algorithms into efficient clinical workflows

Overcoming Ripple Effects of COVID-19 to Boost Patient Outcomes: 3 Insights

Published by: HIT Consultant
Fear of COVID-19 exposure isn’t the only thing holding patients back from seeking needed care during the pandemic. So are the complexities of navigating life after COVID-19—and it’s a struggle that physicians, who are overworked and burned out, can relate to as well.

3 Top-of-Mind Challenges for Specialty Care and How to Overcome Them

Published By: MedCity News
How can specialty practices most effectively engage undertreated and underserved patients while navigating rising rates of workforce shortages, burnout and the financial pressures that come with operating a practice during a pandemic?

Where Is Specialty Care Management Headed in 2022? 3 Predictions

Published By: Healthcare Business Today
With specialty care practices like urology bracing for payment cuts under the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule—and with the pandemic intensifying workforce shortages and burnout—how will care management evolve to ensure treatment plans are delivered safer, faster and with better outcomes?

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