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Victor Lee

Victor Lee


Entrepreneur, Tech Executive, Strategist

Built a data practice from ground up to $7M ARR in 3 years.

Launched 2 corporate startups. Formed and led technology organizations upwards of 55 staff and P&Ls of $10M.


Shirley Lee MSN, MPH

Shirley Lee MSN, MPH

VP of Clinical Strategy

Clinician, Health Policy Leader

Launched service lines for Skyline Urology’s Cancer Center.

National speaker on Oncology and Care Coordination.

Clinical Liaison for Congressional Subcommittee for Chronic Disease Management.


Steven Hu

Steven Hu

VP of Product

Product Manager, Organizational Change Executive, Technologist

15 years in tech – building applications across multiple industries (pharmaceutical, healthcare, retail) and leading high-functioning dev teams.



A Tribute to Becky

A Diagnosis

In 2015, our co-founder, Shirley Lee’s lifelong friend, Becky, was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer at 41 years old.

With a husband and two kids, Becky brought joy and song to every room she entered. It was a devastating blow, but even worse than her prognosis, was the frustration of facing challenge after challenge to get her the care she needed.


One medical clinic had difficulty getting her records to make timely, critical decisions. Advocating for her to have continuity of care and access to necessary treatments became a part-time job for Shirley. On the complete other side of the spectrum, another medical clinic she had was run by a Care Coordination Team that proactively assessed and provided for the needs of both her and her family. The difference between the two experiences was night and day.


We realized through this experience the majority of cancer patients are left to fend for themselves when it comes to navigating the maze of our current healthcare system. Alternatively, we could empower these Care Coordinators/ Patient Navigators to not only advocate for their patients, but also to gather the essential data to help anticipate their needs and prevent unnecessary complications.


Our dream is to empower providers with the data they need at the time of care and on a population level to enable predictive analytics. Our aim is also to provide cancer patients with an advocate, who puts their arm around them and assures them they will have a healthcare insider who will guide them through unknown waters and when necessary, will bust through walls to get what they need. Empowering physicians through data and patients through care coordination software, we are determined to change the cancer journey, as a tribute to our friend, Becky.


for the Future

We have formed a team that is uniquely experienced to take on these systemic issues.

Today, we are already addressing the immediate care needs for individual patients at the provider level. As we build this solution it will help care systems, communities and entire populations.

We will change the specialty care landscape. Partner with us today and let us show you how.