Uniquely qualified to help you drive business outcomes and optimize your patient care experience.

designed for and by clinicians

Software, built by clinicians for clinicians

We leverage AI-driven technology and data analytics expertise to help your team deliver the most effective chronic care management for patients. As clinicians in specialty care, we understand your unique needs. We partner with you to integrate Preveta into and strengthen your current clinical workflow.

As Executives

We’ve started profitable programs by harnessing the power at the intersection of strategy, process, and technology.

As Data Scientists

We’ve built AI-driven data platforms that power Fortune 500 organizations and intelligence agencies.

As Clinicians

We've successfully launched oncology service lines and been on the front line of care.

Leadership Team

Driven by purpose, experienced to deliver

Victor Lee CEO
Victor Lee


Shirley Lee, NP, MPH VP Clinical Strategy
Shirley Lee, NP, MPH

VP of Clinical Strategy

Mitch Yarchin VP Product
Mitch Yarchin

VP of Product

Daniel Kim VP Data
Daniel Kim

VP of Data

Kevin Coutu VP Engineering
Kevin Coutu

VP of Engineering

Krista Savage VP Customer Success
Krista Savage

VP of Customer Success

Sarah Longley - VP of Growth
Sarah Longley

VP of Growth

Steven Hu VP Growth
Steven Hu

VP of Sales

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